First Post! Winter Training - Sandy Wallace Women's Racing
Winter training is like walking a tightrope: getting the balance right takes practice and experience. Getting the balance wrong leads to disaster. 

And so it comes to be that I am lying here prostrate on the sofa. 

After my joy at making it through the whole of January without a sick day (for the first time in two years), I woke up last Monday with the tell-tale sore throat. With the return leg of the Irish Exchange taking part over the following weekend, I was determined to recover in time for the events given that so much time and energy had been invested, trying to make these events great for both SWWR and Ulster Women's Cycling. Copious amounts of vitamin C, echinacea, paracetamol, fruit and fruit juice (NOT FROM CONCENTRATE) seemed to be doing the job and by Saturday I felt much better. 90% recovered.

Turns out that 90% better isn't good enough to take on a weekend of heavy training. Yeah, yeah, I do know better that to train hard while not fully fit. Now I UNDERSTAND the implications of not being sensible. 

More antibiotics. More rest. No bike. Joy. 

At least this has given me the opportunity to create the SWWR website and write my very first blog. 

Like all tightrope walkers, sometimes we have to test our limits to see how far we can push ourselves, and this inevitably leads to a fall. I just won't push it so far next time! 

Fiona Fudge
2/22/2011 05:14:46

Nice blog my lady!

Sharon Doyle
2/22/2011 05:54:27

Love the web-site and blog. Get well soon.

2/23/2011 06:05:42

Mmmm - wonder if I should bother going for the 30's now - seeing how you're poorly.


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