The Second Ever Lake APR Feminine 

The Lake APR has been a cornerstone of the Scottish bike racing calendar for years. However, thanks to Jeremy Greengrass (now racing for Vortex RT, Jez is another friend of SWWR, saving Jay from her own terrible sense of direction) the Lake APR Feminine was born. In 2010, the Lake APR was one of only two all female bike races in Scotland. Riding under the auspices of Stirling Tri Club, the race was won by Catriona Phin, now part of the SWWR team. Indeed, it was over sandwiches and tea at the end of the race when Catriona agreed to join the team.

The 30 places filled up quickly last year and this year was no different. Great to see 7 of the SWWR team on the list (even if some of us have forgotten which team we're in and others are gender confused). A special mention to this year's organiser, Alan McIlwraith, who has managed to get the field extended to 60 riders! Fan-flipping-tastic! Ladies, there are still spaces left so follow the links and get involved! 

Due to roadworks, the route has had to be changed a little so that the Lake APR no longer goes along the side of Scotland's only lake! Not to worry; this will still be an amazing race!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Further details and the course route can be found here: